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I plan and create a pathway for women and youth to learn tools on how they can achieve their goals & aspirations.

These sessions are one- on one, are tailored to specific scenarios that include yarning, walks on country, introduction to cultural programs and health and wellbeing programs. It's about teaching participants to cultivate good wellbeing and self-esteem.


I run workshops for women and youth and deliver them across the Coffs Coast NSW on Gumbaynggirr Country. I'm also happy to travel within Australia.These workshops will be tailored to meet the needs of the women and youth attending. I run the workshops in schools, community centres and at local beaches.


In this workshop we talk about selfcare. We share ideas on how to cultivate good wellbeing. We discuss what makes us happy and feeling well. It’s about knowing what self-care is, feeling good and learning about resources that can help us get there.

60-minute workshop

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In this workshop we will be sitting with elders and listening to their stories, where we learn about culture that will inevitably help us to be more resilient with courage and to be strong in life.  Participants learn about local knowledge, stories and dreamtime. When you learn about country and culture, you know who you are and your life can thrive.

60-minute workshop

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Aunty Bea

Natural skincare

In this workshop participants learn how to make home-made organic beauty and skincare products. Making your own products, you’re going back to the basics for self-care. You know what's going on your skin, its good for you and it's environmentally friendly. You have the opportunity to take home natural products that include scrubs, bath blends, lip balms and perfume.

60-minute workshop

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Ocean Conservation & Marine Science

This workshop will include either myself who is studying a degree in marine science or other marine scientist and Elders. Participants will learn about the eco system, cultural stories relating to the ocean and fun ocean facts.

60-minute workshop

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As well as the Ocean Conservation workshop, we have a group who meets regularly for beach activities, education and beach clean-ups. Hit the button below for more information or contact me if you'd like to join.

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